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Stud Sires

Myers FairNSquare
Reg#: 19418329

Yon Top Cut
Reg#: 19476453

Diablo Deluxe
Reg#: 18741751

Deer Valley Growth Fund
Reg#: 7AN528

GB Fireball 672
Reg#: 29AN2099

Mead Magnitude
Reg#: 29AN2023

Sitz Stellar
Reg#: 29AN2025

LLF Sires at Stud

LLF GA Rock 670
Accelerated Genetics
LLF GA Chisel 791
Alta Genetics
LLF GA Role Model
LLF 513 Bastion 7111
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LLF One Way UP 414
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LLF Validation
LLF 902
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